Sunday, December 11, 2011

Really Starting

It's been a while now that I've been thinking of blogging again, so what stopped me? The starting stopped me. I realized that I have issues with beginning something if I don't think I can do a fabulous job of it. The potential of a thing or action seems more perfect than the reality of fumbling through the doing.

Of course this is flawed thinking; the most perfect idea or wish can't compare to a slightly flawed reality created from them. And lets face facts: there is no perfection in this reality.

So why hesitate on starting anything? The fear of failure, being judged, not measuring up to the ideal in my head. The reality is I am much more forgiving and accepting of others best efforts than I am of myself.

Ironically, while reading my old posts I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed reading them with some distance and time between the me who wrote them and the me I am now. Even though i am clearly still working on the topic of my first post at .

The wonderful Havi Brooks (Destuckifyer, Mindful  Biggifier, Monster Negotiater, Shiva Nata Diva, and Business Partner of Selma the rubber duckie) wrote about mindful entry in her blog at . Entries and beginnings are very close cousins indeed. Her thought: enter as you wish to be in it. I wish to be writing my soul-level truth as much as i know it.

So this is me starting. And giving myself permission to fumble. And to be less than perfect but more real. And realizing that perfect ideas don't do anyone any good unless they give birth to creation in this reality.

Yours truthfully,

Practical Empath

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  1. Great blog post on just doing it!|
    It is the begining steps that trips many...Congrats for just doing it & begining :)