Monday, August 23, 2010

How shall Ye receive if Ye don't ask!

Last blog I wrote about accepting, but there is another side to that coin: asking.
I have no problems with giving. I am working on receiving. Asking, now that's a problem! I am so fiercely independant. I somehow feel like I am imposing rudely on others while at the same time admitting defeat for myself. There is also the issue of feeling like if we have to ask for something, than maybe we don't deserve it. Or maybe we are being selfish, or asking for too much. ("Please sir, can I have some more?" How sad and pathetic!) We can be so tough on ourselves!

Yet when those around me have issues, I quickly tell them to call on me for help. So why am I not following my own advice? EGO!

The non-ego portion of me knows we are all interconnected, so therefore asking for help is merely working with yourself, as there is no "Other". To be fiercely independant is to deny the interconnectedness of the all-that-is. It is to reinforce the illusion that we are separate. Do you insist on doing things with ONLY your right hand, or do you allow the left hand to help too? Seems silly when you scale it down, but refusing to ask for help is just as silly.

Perhaps it would help to ask not just for yourself, but for others too. If you want something in your life, think of who else will benefit, or how you will pass it forward once you get your request. That might take the ego out of it until you get better at it. (ps. I'm writing this to myself as much as anyone else out there.)
Many write that the law of free will prevents the universe from helping if we don't ask. How is the universe supposed to manifest what you want if you mumble when you make your request, make it clear you don't expect to get anything, then apologise for asking?

The question itself bears thinking on too. Ever heard of "careful what you wish for, you just might get it"? Make sure you ask for what you really do want, not for what you think you deserve, or what you can get away with, or worse still, what you think you "should" ask for.

So swallow your pride (and ego), know you are worth it, and ask already!

Yours if you ask,

Practical Empath

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