Sunday, August 1, 2010

Can you spare some quantum change?

Change is coming. There is a new energy in the air. 2012 is fast approaching. Change in general can be scary, big change even more so. How will we measure this change? Quantum physics states that how you look for things affects your measurement of them. If you look for light as a wave, you will find it as a wave. If you look for light as a particle, you will find it as a particle.

Schroedinger's cat is a famous physics thought experiment (well, as famous
as these things get anyway). The Wikipedia entry describes the thought
experiment as "a scenario with a cat in a sealed box, wherein the cat's
life or death was dependent on the state of a subatomic particle....the cat
remains both alive and dead (to the universe outside the box) until the box
is opened." (Please read the full article for more details.) Or put another
way from

Statistically speaking, the cat (goes the joke),
Is half a cat breathing and half a cat croaked.
To some this may seem a ridiculous split,
But quantum mechanics must answer, "Tough shit.
We may not know much, but one thing's fo' sho':
There's things in the cosmos that we cannot know.
Shine light on electrons--you'll cause them to swerve.
The act of observing disturbs the observed

What if the change that is coming is the box, and we are the cat? What if
ascention is just the creation of a parallel universe like the 2 cats in
schroedinger's box, only the split is permanent and BOTH realities exist
when the lid is lifted? Do we want to be a part of the lower energy
universe or the higher? Do we want to be the (spiritually) dead cat or the
alive one? If the way we perceive the change affects the way we experience
it, perhaps we can still alter the outcome by our observation despite being inside the box.

Some have interpreted the change coming to be the end of the world as we know it,or a battle to be fought between good and evil. War is the old model, it is not new or the end of what we know, it IS what we know. Maybe the change in the air is peace? Not just the earthly temporary peace that is fought for at rallies but a deep peace that is undeniable and does not need to be hard won. THAT would be new. THAT would be change.

Yours and not yours at the same time,
Practical Empath


  1. Nice analogy with Schroedinger's cat and the 2012 change that many believe is happening. Keep blogging PE :)

  2. Thanks! I appreciate the encouragement!