Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Start saying "Yes" to life

Today I said yes to an opportunity that part of me thought was already lost, part of me was too shy or lazy to pursue. I even thought the opportunity to bow out might be a sign I should give up. Then I remembered that this opportunity was a potential answer to my manifesting of late.

I have been reading the book "Did you spot the gorrilla" by Richard Wiseman about how to recognize opportunities. You need to look where you wouldn't have before, say yes to things you might have normally said no to or ignored.

So why does the accepting part seem so mysterious and difficult? How do you accept? By not ignoring what you can receive, by not turning things away, by not saying no.
Not saying yes is the same as saying no. Do you go to a restaurant, order a meal, then order again when the waiter arrives with food? No, you order, trust it will come, then accept the food when it arrives. Do you think the waiter will keep bringing you food if you keep sending him away with each meal he brings to go get another?

What about the saying "Tis better to give than to receive"? First, the saying dosn't say it's BAD to receive, just that it's better to give. And second, it only only works if the other person accepts. Imagine buying a present for a loved one, then having them refuse to even open it! That is what you do to your manifestations when you don't say yes.

Much like hearing your intuition better each time you listen to it, the act of saying yes is a signal to the universe that you are in receiving mode. Even if the thing you say yes to isn't life-changing, it will show that you will be ready to say yes when the life-changing thing does show up. Besides, it's good practice!

Say yes to almost everything. If it seems like a good idea, say yes. If it seems like a bad idea, think about why you really want to say no. If no harm will come, then say yes anyway! We are far more likely to regret that which we don't do, than that which we do. The thing you don't accept may be the answer to your prayers.

If you continue to do that which you are currently doing, you will get more of that which you are currently getting! I don't know about you, but I don't spend time trying to manifest what I already have!

Stretch your limits of what you will accept. Do the things which push your boundaries in a good way. You never know what lies on the other side of that yes.

Yours Acceptingly,
Practical Empath

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